That’s because not all opportunities are advertised through traditional avenues such as online job postings.  The reality is, many employers wish to stay offline to keep the “tire kickers” away.  But you are not a tire kicker, right? — you are a professional looking for recruitment services for professionals.  So let’s work together!

Van Zeeland Talent can connect you to the “hidden job market” so you can find the perfect opportunity to advance your career.

We go beyond online. We go into the trenches where the jobs are.  According to a recent survey by only 15% of jobs were filled online.  So where did the 85% go?

We have them.

Free Recruitment Services for Applicants

We offer our candidates confidential and personal one-on-one attention, matching desired employment criteria with job opportunities.

Our expertise is in the engineering, automation, and energy sectors   – but if we cannot help you directly with matching you with the ideal employer, we can connect you to that perfect opportunity using our user-friendly nationwide job search tool.

All fees are employer paid – there is no cost to our candidates to work with our agency.

We are a Top-Notch Recruitment Agency with Over 25 Years of Experience

We understand our recruits.

  • Our staff will work with you to outline what your goals and objectives are.
  • We highlight and focus in on your core qualifications that make you stand out from the competition.
  • We take into consideration your specific geographic/financial preferences.

Here is Our Recruitment Process:

  1. We present your resumé to a prospective employer.
  2. If an employer is interested in your resume, we help arrange an interview.
  3. We serve as a bridge between the employer and the candidate to ensure a smooth interview and offer process.

The most successful companies look for the best and brightest employees available, and if you are somebody who can provide value to a company, we have the connections to get you in front of those companies.  Don’t waste another moment going elsewhere when you can leverage our decades of experience to find the perfect employment opportunity.

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